General information

When to start grooming.

A puppies first visit should begin around 3-4 months of age to be easily introduced to professional grooming.  Many people wait until they are older because at a young age and small size, they feel they can do it themselves at home.  As the puppy becomes difficult to handle, too long or matted they will call the groomer to have it professionally done. Puppies are wiggly and have short attention spans.  Correct and positve grooming by a well trained groomer gives your puppy confidence instead of fear of being groomed.

How often a dog should be groomed.

Grooming should be done about every 6 weeks. As a rule, the longer the hair is, the more frequent grooming should be.   Most people want to leave their dogs longer for warmth in the cold winter months and feel they can skip grooming and just let them grow. This is not recommended because without thorough brushing, the hair will become matted and will not help to keep the dog warm or comfortable. In fact, matted hair prevents the skin from being able to breath. This prevents the dog from being able to naturally regulate its body temperature, whether it is to keep warm in winter or cool in summer. 

Benefits of grooming.

Not only will professional grooming make your dog look and smell terrific, it is also helpful for detecting problems with your dogs health.  I get to know each dog very well and can let you know if I see any changes such as skin conditions, lumps or bumps, ear infections, dental problems, external parasites or any other issues that you may need to know.




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